We are the founders of Contaty, and we thank you for your interest in our solution.

We both worked for a number of years in major Brazilian and international food companies and in all areas - production, processing, logistics, research, innovation and commercial - we realized that we spent too much time and money looking for what we needed, often without success.

We were making a huge effort to find, and directing a lot of energy on, solutions that were available, only to discover that what we found were not necessarily the solutions we were looking for, and solutions not being found, opportunities were lost.

Talking with others we saw that the frustration we felt in spending time and money in this type of search was not exclusive to us, but a feeling shared by everyone in their day to day life.

So we came up with idea of providing a service where people could offer and find solutions and opportunities, wherever they may be—simply.

For this Beta version we have used the name Contaty. Once the full service is up and running our users will be able to enjoy an integrated environment that will allow them to share, discover, and seize every opportunity that is available.

We will continue to enhance the functionality of Contaty, always listening to our users, so that we can build the solution we always dreamed of having and being able to use.

If you would like to know more about Contaty please use our contact page. We want to hear what you have to say.

André and Dominic
Contaty founding team

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Welcome to Contaty Beta.

Contaty Beta is an innovative and useful way to find opportunities, wherever they may be.

By registering with and using Contaty Beta (including the site Contaty.com, and its tools and services) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set out in this document.

This document Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is subject to change at any moment. Should changes be made you will be advised by email or through the internal notification system within Contaty Beta.

1. Privacy

Contaty Beta may use Cookies in order to improve the users’ navigation and user experience. If the user decides to disable cookies, this may result in reduced or total loss of the functionality of the application. Information obtained from, or shared by, cookies remains anonymous and does not contain personal information in respect of the user. In order for us to have access to users’ hit statistics and to have access to user navigation pattern we use Google Analytics and Click Tale. For further information please visit www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html and www.clicktale.com/privacy-policy.

In registering with and using Contaty, you are giving your express agreement that personal information that is provided by you can be collected, used, shared and retained under the conditions set out in the document Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In agreeing that personal information supplied may be retained, you are agreeing that said information be stored on Amazon Web Services servers.

Contaty Beta may collect, either partially or in their entirety, the following personal information of its users:

  • Name, surname, email address, telephone numbers, address, city and state and country of residence or domicile, and post code;
  • Information relative to groups or companies that the user might work for, or represent;
  • Financial information, such as credit card details, should the user use these for acquiring paid services;
  • Information that might have been erroneously given during the registration process or in dealings made via the services provided;
  • Information shared by the user via Social Networks, and that is related to the services offered;
  • Additional information that may be required to authenticate user’s identity;
  • Information relating to exchange of information with the Contaty site, its services and content, including type of equipment, equipment ID, GPS information, connection data, sites visited, and IP identification.

1.1. Information sharing and registration with social networks

The user can connect to (login) with Contaty Beta using the same log on details as used with social networks, or by associating his social network account with Contaty Beta. There is also a platform for sharing information with other users and accounts users may have in social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others. During such time that he is connected the user allows access to personal information stored in such sites. The information may vary, according to the content of the social network, and the policy on privacy that the social network upholds. By connecting to or associating with his account with any or all social networks, the user authorizes Contaty Beta to have access to this information, and agrees that Contaty Beta may collect, use, and store said information in order to offer its services.

Contaty Beta will not publish any personal information on any connected or associated social network without the express permission of the user.

1.2. Use of Personal Information

The user’s personal information will only be used, and solely, in function of offering available Contaty Beta services. The user’s personal information will not be sold or offered for marketing sales unless with the user’s express authorization. Contaty Beta may use personal information gathered from other organizations in order to improve and personalize the services it offers.

Personal information - name, personal picture, town, city, state and country of residence - that is seen by other users logged into Contaty Beta is considered to be information in the public domain.

Personal information as obtained through connection to or association with social networks may be used for the purpose of verification of reputation and confirmation of identity, by other Contaty Beta registered users.

1.3. Publication of Personal Information

Contaty Beta cannot be held responsible for the publication of personal information that the user may inadvertently divulge, for example in the field reserved for registration of business interests.

Contaty Beta will make available personal information that is not the public domain, in order to comply with legally binding injunctions, in order to comply with our policy on Terms of Use, in order to respond to complaints that a registered advice of business interest may violate the rights of other/others, in order to protect the rights of any individual or property, and in order to guarantee security. This information will be divulged in accordance with current legal requirements.

Contaty Beta may also share users’ personal information with:

  • Businesses that offer tools to certify reputation and confirmation of identity;
  • Partners and host providers contracted to provide support for the full and complete operation of our services;
  • Other users but only with the express consent of the user that this information may be shared.

1.4. Information shared on Contaty Beta

The user’s first name and personal picture are in shown on Contaty Beta website and is available to other users when a match is made (when two or more registered interests generate a match). Furthermore, information such as the range of contacts that exist on social networks or networks associated with Contaty Beta but which does not expose persons but may be used for purposes of establishing reputation and identity of other users, may be viewed by all users in the establishment of the match.

1.5. Information shared with other users

When a match is made users are able to exchange information so that the registered business opportunity can be taken advantage of. Contaty Beta cannot guarantee the privacy of this information once exchanged between users and therefore recommends that each user studies carefully and looks for confirmation of the reputation of the other user with whom the user is negotiating. Responsibility for the release of private information is that of the user.

1.6. Privacy and communications policy

Contaty Beta will not send its users any type of Spam communication. All communication from Contaty Beta with its users will be directed exclusively in function of updating and giving information relevant to its services.

1.7. Changes to and alterations of personal information

By using his user name and password, or using his registration via a social network, the user can make changes to personal information at any time. User passwords are private and untransferable and must not be shared with any other user. Should a user allow his password to be used by any third party he acknowledges that he will carry responsibility for actions taken in the user’s name. Should any user understand or suspect that there are problems of infringement of his password, he should immediately get in touch with Contaty Beta at contact@contaty.com


2. Using Contaty Beta

When using Contaty Beta the user should not:

  • Fill in information in fields where such information is inappropriate - for example, personal information in the field where the user is identifying the business interest;
  • Break any law, nor contravene the rights of third parties nor act in discordance with GPRB policy on terms of use and privacy policy;
  • Impersonate another user or use another user’s details to use that other user’s account;
  • Register false business interest using fictitious information;
  • Practice acts of fraud, psishing or scam;
  • Introduce viruses, trojans, malware, or any similar electronic bugs;
  • Use false or incorrect information in account details;
  • Send links with malicious content that might endanger the security of other users;
  • Publish offensive content or material against other users, or institutions;
  • Publish content that is pornographic, racist or prejudiced, or that incites violence, or that is defamatory, or calumnious;
  • Use the service provided in order to practice crimes of any nature;
  • Fabricate information in order to enhance your reputation;
  • Transfer your account to another person;
  • Collect information from other users with the intent to make use of the same for personal gain, without having the express consent of those users;
  • Act in breach of this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It is forbidden for the user to modify, copy, distribute ,transmit ,exhibit, make, reproduce, publish, make available, license, or create products using information obtained from Contaty Beta as well as transmitting or using for commercial purposes this information, application, software, products or services, under pain of violating this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and sanctions therein prescribed.

2.1. Abuse in the use of Contaty Beta

Any abuse of the rules and conditions set out in this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will result in the immediate suspension of access to the user’s account. Where such infringement causes damage to Contaty Beta and or its partners all legal means will be brought against the infractor. Contaty Beta reserves the right to cancel accounts that cannot be confirmed, or in cases where accounts have been inactive for a lengthy period of time.

2.2. Services offered

Contaty Beta offers its users the possibility to register a series of words that describe a business interest (something that the user wishes to offer, or to aquire). Contaty Beta finds business opportunities and advises its users that a match has been found. At this point the users are able to accept the match and share information that permits them to take advantage of the opportunity found. Information relating to the business interest found may be used by Contaty Beta to advertise its service in publicity campaigns on line and via the social networks.

2.3. Limitations of responsibility

Business interests registered by users are the responsibility of the said users, and Contaty Beta acts only to find similar business opportunities and present to the users the possibility of exchanging information in the finalization of the match. Contaty Beta does not participate in any negotiations that might be made by the users, nor does it receive any commission or fee in respect of these negotiations. Contaty Beta B connects people who have interests in common and charges a fee only in respect of completing the match, or in using the service provided. Contaty Beta is not in any circumstance, a guarantor of any negotiation that might take place between its users, and is exempt from any claim or judicial process that users and third parties might wish to bring against it.

Furthermore Contaty Beta cannot be held responsible for:

  • Opinions given by a user in respect of the negotiations held with another user - those opinions are solely of the user who issued them;
  • Damage or losses incurred by users in their dealings with one another;
  • Financial dealings undertaken by users;
  • Goods or products exchanged between users, either electronically or physically.

Although Contaty Beta adopts best practice methodology in storing and protecting its data, we cannot guarantee 100% the security of information stored on our data base. Neither can we guarantee the availability of our service 100% of the time. Contaty Beta cannot be held responsible for losses and damage incurred by the unavailability of or errors in our site or service.

2.4. Beta limitations

In using Contaty Beta the user accepts that he is using the services at his own risk and on the basis that “they are as they are” and “as available”, and is aware that bugs and faults could occur during the Beta experiment, including faults that could compromise or prevent the full use of the offered services.

3. Legislation and jurisdiction

In creating his account in Contaty Beta the user agrees unconditionally with this Termo de Uso e Privacidade. Acceptance of this Terms of Use shall be held and interpreted under the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

It is agreed that any conflict should be resolved in the courts of Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Any communication, or any complaint or claim for violation of authorial rights should be sent to:

DAX - Tecnologia da informação LTDA
Rua Lisboa, 133 - Conjunto 42
Bairro Cerqueira Cesar
CEP: 05413-000
São Paulo/SP - Brasil

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